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AppTier is a focused solution and services provider for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Since 2001, AppTier has been assisting organizations in various industries with successful and proven approaches towards the management of content utilizing the Open Text Livelink ® ECM Platform.
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AppTier provides a seamless upgrade methodology. We specialize in performing complex and enhanced upgrades that lead to a superior execution.
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AppTier serves its clients with world-class support and service.
Support: 1.888.901.7774
“As if an upgrade wasn't enough, the decision to virtualize everything in a 3-tier environment increased the complexity of the upgrade process….In my opinion, this project was managed very tightly from the beginning and this sets the bar for future upgrades. In my experience, I have never seen an upgrade process go as smoothly as this one.“
Republic Financial Corporation
“…we ran our first official SOP through the system and it was a great success!!! Thanks so much.”
Onyx Pharmaceuticals
“… We are sure glad you joined our team. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”
“… We continue to be impressed with the expertise of you and your team and look forward to another successful implementation. Thank you.”