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Genentech is considered the father of the biotechnology industry. Genentech is a biotechnology company that uses human genetic information to develop medicine that treats people with serious illnesses.
Onyx Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company, which has developed and is developing products that combat cancer. Their main product, Nexavar, is being used in more than 100 countries and is used to treat kidney and liver cancer.
Upsher-Smith is a pharmaceutical company in pursuit of ways to improve peopleís lives through improved drug therapies. Upsher-Smith is currently specializing in developing products for epilepsy and Parkinsonís disease.
Gen-Probe Incorporated is the world-renowned leader of manufacturing and delivering nucleic acid tests which are the fastest and most accurate tests to diagnose human diseases. Gen-Probe Incorporated also creates unique technologies to develop multiple products that detect infectious diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis.
Novartis is a healthcare company concerned with developing, distributing, and properly marketing products that will treat, cure, and prevent diseases for consumers and patients.
Chiron Atlas has been acquired by Novartis. See Novartis for more information.
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the largest guitar manufacturer in the world. Since 1946, Fender has been transforming music in all genres and now distributes many types of musical instruments, accessories and professional audio equipment.
Republic Financial Corporation is a global private investment company with specialized divisions in Aviation Leasing, Special Assets, and Portfolio Companies group. They maximize profits for investors by offering unique business solutions based on research, analysis and problem solving.
Mosaic is a sales and marketing company that delivers solutions to companies in need of higher customer satisfaction.
Central Arizona Project manages Arizonaís allotment of the Colorado River, according to the Colorado River Compact, and ensures the distribution of that water to Central Arizona.
The Marin Municipal Water District is a public agency in charge of providing drinking water to the citizens of south and central Marin County.
CBRE Investors is a world-wide real estate investment management firm. Their philosophy is to make investments based on disciplined research and the best interests of the investors.
The Department of Defense is the federal agency in charge of national security in the United States. The three major branches in the Department of Defense are the United States Army, Navy and Air Force.
SGI is a pioneer in the information technology industry. They deliver solutions that assist clients in solving their technology needs and challenges.
Marnell Corrao Associates is a construction company that designs, develops, and builds properties and facilities for a plethora of industries including resorts and casinos. They have experience in every aspect of the building process including consulting, architecture, interior design, properties, construction, and transportation.
Tercica is a biotechnology company with a special focus on developing new treatments and medicines to treat endocrine and metabolic diseases.